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GREATER4H Kick-off, European parliament March 27, 2023

17 Nov - 2021News

On March 27, 2023 STRING and Land Schleswig-Holstein are initiating the GREATER4H Hydrogen project by bringing together policy makers from the STRING megaregion as well as participants from the hydrogen industry and representatives of the European Institutions DG MOVE, the European Commission and CINEA. 

Mr.Niclas Herbst, member of the European Parliament, is the host of the event and will set the scene as the introductory speaker.

The event will focus on how implementation of hydrogen can lead the green transition in the transport sector. The aim of the event is to have an interactive set-up where different keynote speakers as well as panel discussions will be presented. 


STRING and the OECD have since 2019 had a strong collaboration which turned into a strategy paper of 23 recommendations from the OECD. One of these recommendations was to strengthen the STRING hydrogen corridor project to create an interconnected hydrogen infrastructure across the STRING megaregion.

The CEF project GREATER4H consists of rolling out 12 publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. There will be implemented 4 HRS in Germany, 4 HRS in Denmark and 4 HRS in Sweden. In parallel 2 HRS’ will be implemented in Norway using national funding sources. The 12 + 2 HRS will connect the entire STRING corridor from Hamburg to Oslo and as a result contribute to creating an integrated network of hydrogen refuelling stations along the ScanMed TEN-T road network as part of the EU strategy of decarbonising the transport sector.

GREATER4H has been recognized by the commission as an unexampled project by having three competing companies working together to deploy and implement this network of hydrogen refuelling stations from , paving the way for a carbon neutral planet, and improving quality of life for its citizens. The kick off will symbolize the official beginning of GREATER4H and we would like to invite all interested to join. 

Please register to the online event: Online event: GREATER4H Kick-off Tickets, Mon, 27 Mar 2023 at 11.00 | Eventbrite

If you would like to join us in Brussels then please contact Marie Fløystad Dahl [email protected].

STAY TUNED: More information will follow in the coming weeks!